The Use of Hemodent

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September 27, 2021 11:22:39 AM PDT September 27, 2021 11:22:39 AM PDTth, September 27, 2021 11:22:39 AM PDT

In oral surgery and dental procedures, the control of bleeding is one of the challenging situations that dentists and oral surgeons can encounter, but thanks to hemostatic agents, bleeding can be halted.

There are several hemostatic agents on the market and depending on the patient’s condition; dentists will decide what type of solution a patient needs to stop the bleeding. Most bleeding from oral surgery can be controlled by pressure alone. However, there are cases when bleeding can’t be controlled by pressure and electro-cautery can aggravate the condition of teeth and nerves during surgery.

Here at Dens ‘N Dente, we offer hemostatic agents called Hemodent. Hemodent is a type of Aluminum Chloride is considered as one of the most common topical hemostatic agents used by dentists. Most dentists also prefer it because it causes minimal tissue damage and it is easy to use with a high effectivity rate.

Hemodent from Dens ‘N Dente is manufactured by Premier and contains no epinephrine to prevent cardiac complications. It has a long shelf life and is a very stable hemostatic agent. This product is usually recommended to control bleeding before getting dental impressions, cementing crowns or inlays, putting fillings cement bases, during the preparation of dental crowns and after Gingivoplasty, minor oral surgery, curettage, and Gingivectomy.

If interested with this product to help you with bleeding complications in your oral practice, contact us at Dens ’N Dente. We look forward to assisting you with your dental supplies!