BioNova: Steam Biological Indicators

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BioNova: Steam Biological Indicators 
BioNova: STEAM Biological Indicators -24 hrs - BT-20
  • Self-contained Biological Indicator for Steam sterilization processes
  • Designed for steam sterilization process control
  • Color indicator to indicate whether sterilization was successful or not
  • Purple to yellow= live Geobacillus stearothermophilus spores= Sterilization cycle unsuccessful
  • Purple= sterilization successful
  • Final reading= 24 hours 
  • Ideal for vacuum assisted steam sterilization cycles at 121-134°C and for gravity air displacement steam sterilization cycles at 121-134°C
  • Incubate the processed biological indicator and the indicator used as positive control for a maximum of 24 hours at 60±2 ºC
  • Content: 1 box of 100 pcs
BioNova: STEAM Biological Indicators -20 MIN - BT224
  • Bionova's self-contained biological indicator for fluorescence incubators
  • Responsible for controlling steam sterilization processes, either vacuum assisted, or steam displaced by air or gravity at 121-135°C
  • Features an ultra-fast readout of 20 minutes
  • Content: 1 box with 50 pcs
BioNova: STEAM Biological Indicators -1hr - BT222
  • Bionova fluorescence incubator biological indicator ideal for steam, vacuum assisted or gravity air displacement sterilization processes
  • Features a super-fast fluorescence reading system 
  • Working time of only 1 hour 
  • Content: 1 box with 50 pcs

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